Meaningful Funerals & Life Celebrations

We need to have a creative approach during these times. That means we have to use our technology and create a virtual  funerals, memorial service, or Life Celebration.

There are many creative ways we can create a ceremony to honor your loved one.

Technology allows us the opportunity to gather for a virtual funeral or Life Celebration.


Remote/virtual funerals and life celebrations provide a time to gather in a safe environment in order for people to come together and grieve.

For grief shared is grief diminished.

A Funeral Celebrant helps the family determine the actual content for the service. There are many ways to design a service.

The funeral celebrant also speaks with everyone close to the deceased, writes a custom ceremony that tells the story of the person being honored, and performs the service.

This is all being done remotely for the time being with the current social distancing we are experiencing, however, the same care and effort is being put into each and every service.

Some funeral homes can live stream services from their locations. If the funeral home cannot provide live streaming, I have options for family & guests to attend.

The services of a Funeral Celebrant do not replace the need for a funeral home. The funeral home cares for our body, files necessary paperwork with the state, along with many other things.

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