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The Funeral Must Go On

22 days ago, give or take, the governor in CA asked us to please stay home to flatten the curve.

 My first thought was about Mr. Jackson’s family. Was the VA going to allow us together for a 20 minute service on March 27? I checked every day, then they made the call, limit of 10. The Jackson family made the choice wait, the funeral home is holding him until we can gather, when will that be is unknown, when everyone can gather? 

Placing grief and healing on hold is heartbreaking.

I have approached every situation I have encountered in my professional career with the idea…

What and How can I accommodate this family while respecting all “rules”

My mind began putting together an idea. How can we gather online?

Industry organizations began discussing the rapid changes the industry was facing. I listened, then a business coach of mine called. Her grandmother had passed away and would I do an online service for her family? I said yes, not knowing how I would pull this one off. I would find a way. We did and had 40 gather on line for a service, speakers and slideshow with music. Most of the attendees were on the East coast and I was in CA.

Funeral Homes offer healing services. Right now in our current environment we have been told not to gather. Depending where you are in the world, determines how funerals are happening.

I am a certified funeral celebrant with over 22 years as a professional in the funeral and cemetery industry, death care. I have observed how people respond to grief with a healing celebration of the life gone. We need togetherness. It heals us.

When I watch the news hear about families not having a gathering because of our current climate, I understand how devastating this is.

What if we can create a customized service that can include speakers, music, video or slideshow?

What if technology and creative thinking can allow us to gather online?

This is the healing environment we have, and what we can do in our current climate. This is how I can support grieving families, this is physical distancing not social distancing. The funeral must go on line.