Resilience RX: Proactive steps to Prevent Burn Out Take the first step towards preventing burnout as a professional, in the end of life space.

We offer comprehensive training and support to professionals like yourself.

Life Tribute Academy is hosting an introduction to the full day workshop:

Working in the end-of-life space is an incredibly noble and fulfilling profession.

 As professionals in this field, we have the privilege of providing care, comfort, and support during one of life’s most challenging moments.

 However, the nature of our work can also make us vulnerable to burnout if we are not mindful of our own well-being. 

  • How to really prioritize self-care
  • How to set and keep your boundaries
  • How making time for fun is critical to burn out prevention 
  • Take the first step towards preventing burnout while working in the end-of-life space

Join us online for this event June 6th, 2024 2pm to 3:30pm PST 

Cost is $49.00