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About Tacye Vogel

Telling Stories, One Person At A Time

Being a Certified Life Tribute Celebrant, I realize that everybody needs something unique from a funeral service or life celebration. I will bring to light what these desires are, then I will provide a service that is touching, true, straightforward, and soothing.

I am an exceptional narrator, storyteller, and I enjoy recounting the life story at funerals and life ceremonies, with tenderness, compassion and love.

An accomplished expert, walking side by side with grieving people, I am a professional in providing grieving families a choice for a customized service. Knowing the ingredients that a service needs to express the character of who has died is a vital part of rebuilding our lives, with grief by our side.

A Bit About Tacye Vogel

A Bit About Tacye

Tacye Vogel has been working with families that have experienced a loss since 1999. She is a Certified Funeral Celebrant, an ordained minister, and a Certified Grief Specialist, who has spent the last 24 years helping families after they have experienced the death of a loved one.

“I get to know dead people after they have left this earth. Interviewing the surviving family and friends allows me access to the deceased. Part of what I do is asking questions and listening. There is an inner knowledge I tap into and trust as I write a service honoring a life lived. This is my specialty. Taking an entire life lived and summarizing ALL of it into about an hour. “


Tacye’s Process

My technique is to create a safe space for people to feel comfortable to tell me EVERYTHING about the person who died and their relationship to them.

I can capture the essence of people, write and speak about them. Most attending my services think I knew the person we are honoring.

Allowing people to be heard without judgment. Allowing people to share anything they need to or want to. Allowing people to express their darkest and brightest memories, with a total stranger.

A celebration of a life is more than just about the happy times. Life comprises so much more. There are great, happy, bittersweet, tough, mucky and sad experiences we all have.


No one has a perfect life. Reflecting on the entire life – the good, bad, beautiful and the ugly is important. This all can be blended together to create a remembrance that is authentic.

An authentic ceremony provides a healing space that is different. It is unique to the grief we are feeling for one soul.

It is a celebration for no one else. It is original, just like the person it is honoring. To capture the essence of a soul that people loved, treasured, lived with, cried with, shared their innermost secrets, and shared their love with.

Every, single, person that I have written and officiated a service for has a uniqueness to them, a special aspect about them that attracts their people to them.

Get to Know Tacye Better

If you have questions about working with a celebrant for a funeral, memorial services, wedding, or commitment ceremony, or would like to learn more about Tacye’s process and qualifications, please feel free to reach out for more information.